main courses

Homemade Bourguignon, traditional beef stew with red wine, homemade mashed potatoes and green salad, 17,50 €
French duck confit, roasted small potatoes and green salad, 17 €
Roasted French free-range chicken with thyme, small roasted potatoes and green salad, 16,50 €
Beef steak of  Angus, homemade shallot sauce, homemade French fries and green salad, 16,50 €

Raw steak tartare of French Aubrac beef (served seared + 1 €), homemade French fries ans green salad, 16 €
Tuna steak, fresh green beans and homemade pesto, 18 €

Additionnal side dish :  homemade French fries, homemade mashed potatoes, roasted small potatoes, fresh green beans or green salad,  4,50 €

Homemade pork pâté, pickles, 7€

Homemade French onion soup "au gratin", 9, 50€

Six or twelve large Burgundy snails, 10 /19 €

Creamy Royans ravioles, 8 €

Homemade foie gras, homamde onion confit, toasts, 17€

with its glass of Gewurztramminer, 23,40 €

Organic hard boiled eggs with homemade mayonnaise, 7€

Burrata from Puglia region (Italy), fresh green beans 12,50€


The Classical, French Aubrac beef, tomato, pickles, cheddar and homemade tartare sauce (bacon or organic egg + 2€), 14 €
The Mountain's, French Aubrac beef, Tomme de Savoie (French cheese), tomato, homemade onion confit (bacon or organic egg

+ 2€), 15 € 

Double steak, 6,50 €



Egg and greens, green salad, fresh greens beans, tomato, organic poched egg,homemade pesto, 14,50 €

Caesar salad, green salad, tomato, chicken, parmesan cheese, croutons, homemade dressing (bacon +2 € ), 14,50 €

Goat cheese salad, green salad, goat cheese "crottins"and honey on toasts, roasted small potatoes, fresh green beans, tomato, 15 € 

The Burrata, green salad, tomato, fresh green beans,Burrata from Puglia region (Italy), homemade pesto, 15,50 €




Homemade rice pudding, homemade salted butter caramel and nuts, 8 €
Homemade upside down tart Tatin, with cream (ice cream scoop

+ 2€), 8 €
Homemade crème brûlée8 €
Homemade profiteroles, vanilla ice cream, homemade "Valrhona"chocolate dressing, 8 €

Gluten free homemade "Valrhona" chocolate cake (ice cream scoop

+ 2 €), 8 €

Raw milk Normandy camembert, Auvergne blue cheese, cheese of the month

Small / Medium / Large plate  8 / 11 / 15 

Homemade spaghetti bolognese with French Aubrac beef, 8 €
Chicken breast, homemade mashed potatoes, 8 €

Ground French beef steak, homemade French fries, 8 €